Dupuytrens DiseaseDupuytren’s Disease is a benign hand condition that causes thickening of the normal tissue directly beneath the palm. This normal tissue is called fascia. The fascia helps give traction when gripping and grasping objects. However, when the fascia is afflicted by Dupuytren’s Disease, it gets tight and leads to painless bumps on the palm of the hand. Sometimes these bumps can form into thick bands which can cause the fingers to contract into a flexed posture. Depending on its severity, these flexed bands restrict the patient from being able to open the fingers from the flexed posture.


Treatment Options

Treatment of significant and disabling Dupuytren’s Disease used to be treated solely by surgical removal of the diseased fascia — a procedure that is done in an operating room. However, there is a new, FDA approved injection treatment for Dupuytren’s Disease. The injection is called Xiaflex. The Xiaflex injection is an office visit procedure. Dr. Weisman was one of the first physicians in Connecticut to successfully treat patients using the nonsurgical Xiaflex injection. He continues to have great results when performing Xiaflex injections.

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